-A Little More About The Holidays

19th-November, 2007

Are yall startin to feel it yet? Well, I am ... gotta pull out the decorations and maybe set up the little artificial tree that I use in the living room. The real deal, the freshly cut frasier fir is earmarked for the family room as usual.

Their is a gent that owns a little business down the road from us, he could easily pass for St. Nicks cousin. Well, the other day he was sitting out in front of his little store with his 'santa cap' on, in bermuda shorts. I guess it just isn't cold enough for him to pull out the long johns and the heavy red suit yet, well anyway, his image brought a smile to my day that lasted all day long.

For the last 35 years, I have made it a habit or maybe it's become a tradition to buy 'a special set of ornaments' each year. I have delicate glass balls, crystals, pewter and cloth in my collection. Whichever set that I find each year that screams out to me and says 'I am the one' take 'me' home, that's what I do. And as you could imagine, my tree is a hodge podge of items, there is no special theme, it's just about things that I have found and have fell completely in love with. So, naturally my tree each year becomes really something very special, because everything on it represents that very special something that called out to me each year to be noticed.

This year already, I think I have found the set, and can you believe, it is in stainless steel. But I am starting to hear that little voice, and it's calling out, so what else can I do. I am enslaved by my annual addiction, so stainless steel it is.

Well, we are down to 37+ days until Christmas, are yall startin to feel it yet? I guess you already know that I am.

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